Ornella Dufay-Miralles

Ornella is a French dancer and maker, based in the  Netherlands. At the age of 6, she started dancing. Since then, dance played a central role in her life. She went to study ballet and contemporary dance at the Conservatoire  National de Toulouse (CRR). She investigated various dance styles to feed her body knowledge and be true to her expression through dance. Those styles varied from house, hip-hop, belly dance, African dance, and jazz. In 2017 she got accepted into the Bachelor for Dancer/Maker at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 

There she kept on training on quality and creativity, adding new tools that modern academic techniques like Graham and Lìmon technique could provide. Ornella is passionate about the power of music on emotions leading to motion, giving importance to dance as a way of self-understanding and the beauty that any moving body can create. She is excited to keep researching and practicing various different dance styles to achieve her dreams as a maker. Her most recent works are “COMEDIE” (solo), “FLEUR DE PEAU”(duet), and “ATTEND, JE M’ASSOIS”(ensemble of 9 dancers) all created at ArtEZ in 2020. She is currently doing her internship with Dunja Jocic a free-lance choreographer.

Ornella’s work as a choreographer